Month: July 2012


Last minute packing and Im off for a staycation with the poly gals!

So happy yay!! :D Will post photos soon!


Beauty buys of the week.

I did some shopping in Watsons today.



– Canmake Concealer foundation. I have used this before some years ago and loved the coverage. The finish is very smooth.

– Canmake Powder Cheek blush. I dont have an orangey blusher, so I decided to get one to try.

– Canmake Creamy Touch rouge.

– Dollywink eyebrow pencil and faux lower lashes.





Inside the compact. I am using Shade 1 which is the lightest. They have 3 shades, which I think would suit most Asian skin tones.

(I have used ZA 2 way cake for many years and I love it. Its cheap and good. I somehow prefer it to Chanel and Lancome.)



I like the color of this lipstick. It looks darker in the photo. I have never tried any orange tone lippies so we shall see how this works out.

Will try to do a FOTD based on these items soon! :)



I just ordered some concealers and glitter from OCC.

I am impressed with the pigmentation and quality of their concealers. I am ALWAYS on the lookout for good concealers as I have horrific dark eye circles and have completely given up hope on finding a HG eye cream which can salvage my dark circles.

(I am almost done with my tube of Hylexin “Serious Dark Circles” eye cream, and my dark eye rings still look as bad as before. Meh.)

So concealer is my best friend.

(Photos below grabbed from Temptalia.)





I got two of Y1 (second from left), one for work and one for myself, and one Y2 for work. Look at how pigmented these are!!

I cant wait for these babies to arrive and try them out myself. :D





And after more than 6 months…. my new website is finally DONE and LIVE. :)

I paid the balance today, and its a great feeling.

Admittedly I wasnt too happy with the design and stuff over the past couple of months. (And thats putting it lightly.) I knew I wanted something very clean and simple. So I guess this works lah.

I am happy with the service and professionalism. Everything was explained to me very clearly and concisely. And I find it really easy to manage the website on my own. So its money well spent.

Lets just say I can probably buy a very nice designer bag with the money I spent on this website. Or quite a few pairs of designer shoes!!




But the website has made my life a lot easier because now people has to fill up the enquiry form with all the details (especially the important shit like date and time to be ready), I just need to get back to them with regards to my availability and attach my rates and terms & conditions.

Its wonderful. Saves me a lot of time, not to mention headaches.


I used Blogspot since 2007.. and Ive always wanted a decent website. I didn’t have the money back then.

And when I did have the budget for a good web design, I looked high and low for a good web designer, but I couldnt find one I liked. Even when I was happy to pay more. Cos when you pay peanuts you really get monkey. (Been there, done that. Never again.)

Its about time.





I am still in the process of trying to make the website look decent and have enough decent content. So please bear with me. I am a computer idiot so its going to take a while.

But yay!!!



So its 6.12am and I have not gone to bed!

In fact I am still pretty much wide awake.

Been having this kink / painful achy knot in my upper left back, which made me toss and turn, I just couldnt find a comfortable position to sleep in. :(

Gotta make a trip to David Magichands this week probably.

Ive put my wedding gown (its “my” because I bought it, not because Im wearing it) into the washer to wash. And while on the drying mode (its a washer/ dryer in one), it suddenly stopped moving and I tried turning all the knobs to no avail. Nothing I did worked.

So I slammed my fists on the machine. HARD. And guess what? It started moving again. Apparently it just doesnt work well with a wedding gown in it.

Well done, Teka.

Gives new meaning to the term “domestic violence” huh.

Okay I gotta try and get to sleep. This is ridiculous.

Post edit: Ugh. It seems to be stuck again. And pounding fists doesnt seem to work anymore. Wtf. I gotta call the Teka guy tomorrow today.