So its 6.12am and I have not gone to bed!

In fact I am still pretty much wide awake.

Been having this kink / painful achy knot in my upper left back, which made me toss and turn, I just couldnt find a comfortable position to sleep in. :(

Gotta make a trip to David Magichands this week probably.

Ive put my wedding gown (its “my” because I bought it, not because Im wearing it) into the washer to wash. And while on the drying mode (its a washer/ dryer in one), it suddenly stopped moving and I tried turning all the knobs to no avail. Nothing I did worked.

So I slammed my fists on the machine. HARD. And guess what? It started moving again. Apparently it just doesnt work well with a wedding gown in it.

Well done, Teka.

Gives new meaning to the term “domestic violence” huh.

Okay I gotta try and get to sleep. This is ridiculous.

Post edit: Ugh. It seems to be stuck again. And pounding fists doesnt seem to work anymore. Wtf. I gotta call the Teka guy tomorrow today.


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