And after more than 6 months…. my new website is finally DONE and LIVE. :)

I paid the balance today, and its a great feeling.

Admittedly I wasnt too happy with the design and stuff over the past couple of months. (And thats putting it lightly.) I knew I wanted something very clean and simple. So I guess this works lah.

I am happy with the service and professionalism. Everything was explained to me very clearly and concisely. And I find it really easy to manage the website on my own. So its money well spent.

Lets just say I can probably buy a very nice designer bag with the money I spent on this website. Or quite a few pairs of designer shoes!!




But the website has made my life a lot easier because now people has to fill up the enquiry form with all the details (especially the important shit like date and time to be ready), I just need to get back to them with regards to my availability and attach my rates and terms & conditions.

Its wonderful. Saves me a lot of time, not to mention headaches.


I used Blogspot since 2007.. and Ive always wanted a decent website. I didn’t have the money back then.

And when I did have the budget for a good web design, I looked high and low for a good web designer, but I couldnt find one I liked. Even when I was happy to pay more. Cos when you pay peanuts you really get monkey. (Been there, done that. Never again.)

Its about time.





I am still in the process of trying to make the website look decent and have enough decent content. So please bear with me. I am a computer idiot so its going to take a while.

But yay!!!



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