I went for my first physiotherapy session yesterday.

Ive always had issues with back pain, muscle ache & tension all over my shoulders, between my shoulder blades and mid back. Decided to give physiotherapy a shot because massages (as enjoyable as they are) only offer temporary relief. Ive tried pretty much everything- deep tissue massages, tuina, even acupuncture.

I went to One Physiotherapy. (My friend J told me she had whiplash from a minor car accident and felt much better after 3 sessions of physiotherapy.)

My physiotherapist (Leslie) asked me to lie face down on what looks like a massage bed, and as he started prodding my back, he commented that my muscles were very tight and stiff. He then started to press down hard on various sore spots on my shoulders and upper back.

He also used a heat pack on my upper back, together with a machine (electrical stimuation?) to help with muscle spasms.

After my 45 min session, I felt a lot of tension dissipate and I did feel a lot better. At $85, I feel that its affordable and also worth the $.

Will definitely be back for more!


P.S: This is not a sponsored or paid entry.


One Physiotherapy

Raffles Place The Arcade #12-02

Tel: 6883-1141

(Take escalator to 2nd floor, walk down all the way to lift lobby. Enter 12 on the keypad to activate the lift, and the lift will take you to Level 12. Weird I know!)


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