Month: June 2013

Haze x weekend

We’ve had the WORST haze ever in Singapore this past week. It actually hit PSI 400.



It REALLY gets on my nerves when the irresponsibility and stupidity of people affect the health & well-being of others.

I ordered some “N95” masks on Qoo10 (Gmarket), on Thursday night, and I received them this morning (Sunday). It took them only 2 days to ship these masks from Korea to my door step! Pretty impressed.

Its the first time ever that people are actually queuing up outside pharmacies to (try to) purchase masks and apparently air purifiers are also sold out island-wide. Even the pricey ones ($500+) are sold out. That alone tells you something!


This has been a pretty busy weekend for me. I am exhausted. (I can no longer deny that I am old.) Thankfully the haze has subsided and is down to an acceptable PSI 70-80 today. I was afraid to even step out of the house on Wednesday & Thursday. Not a good feeling at all.

Fingers crossed that the haze will not return with a vengeance.


Because I have to.

While I cannot control the actions of others, I can choose to remove myself from situations which affect me negatively. Ive been down this road enough times. Ive learnt my lesson.

Sorry but I am not participating in this freak show.

Thank you for making it this easy for me.





April 21 – May 21

Unlike Aries, Taurus does not like to rush. This sign tends to get jealous and possessive. They are also very neat people. Their pet peeves are:

  • Messes and messy people
  • Surprises
  • People who brag
  • Public speaking
  • People who don’t wear deodorant
  • People who don’t apologize
 Very true!!