Pet peeves.


1. Girls who leave pee all over the toilet seat.

This has got to be the top of the list. And it doesnt matter where you go- the neighborhood kopitiam or ION. Its all the same.

Whenever I enter the toilet cubicle, I will (usually) see drops of pee on the toilet seat. Or worse, used sanitary pads & pantyliners thrown on the floor, or ON TOP of the bin where you’re supposed to throw the used pads. (Because its just too much effort to step on the pedal bin & throw the pad inside?)

If you’re a girl, you SIT to pee. Right? How does pee end up all over the toilet seat? Somebody PLEASE explain to me the physics of it all.

Why bother spending that much time, effort and money on your appearance- hair & makeup, skincare, clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, etc etc, when you are the kind of girl who leaves your pee all over the toilet? Doesn’t require that much effort to grab some toilet paper and clean up after yourself.

It speaks volumes about the kind of person you are. What kind of person are you, when nobody is watching?

2. People who stop at the top/ bottom of the escalator to ponder about which direction they wanna go.


3. People who approach you on the streets / in malls, trying to sell you something or ask for donations etc.

At the risk of sounding like a cold-hearted callous bitch… Its my money and *I* get to decide how I spend it. I dont need anyone to push pamphlets and whatnot in my face, telling me WHERE to put my money. I dont donate money to dubious & unknown “charity” organisations, because I dont know how my money is really helping the unfortunate. I dont wanna pay for somebody’s 24K gold-plated taps. Id much rather buy tissues from the old lady standing outside the mall.

Recently Ive been getting A LOT of cold calls from people trying to sell me something and its really getting on my nerves.

“Hi, I am calling from XX company, on behalf of ABC bank.”

Huh? You’re calling on behalf of ABC bank? Why cant ABC bank call me themselves??

Most of the time, I just hang up because I simply cannot be bothered to waste 20 seconds of my time entertaining what I consider a nuisance and harassment. Sorry!

4. Sneaky people.

Without going into too much details, lets just say that I REALLY dislike dealing with sneaky people. Therefore I really enjoy disassociating myself from such people.

Example 1: People who instead of posting something on their own blog, Twitter or FB… they bitch, whine & complain to others, and let other people do the dirty deed for them. Why dirty your own hands, when you can manipulate your friends to do it for you? GENIUS!!

Example 2: If you’re seeking a sponsorship, say so. Whether or not I am willing to sponsor, its up to ME. Dont ask stupid redundant questions over emails repeatedly, hoping I’ll notice all the (blog, FB, Twitter, IG) links in your signature and somehow automatically know who you are (especially when you’re erm.. a nobody), what you want and hand it to you on a silver platter.

In doing so, you’re not just wasting your time, you’re also wasting mine. I dont have time to sit and reply emails all day, while you beat around the bush.

5. People who are perpetually late & have no concept of time.

I am quite a time nazi, and I am always punctual or even early. So I cannot understand why there are people out there (usually girls!) who do not have a concept of time. It annoys me no end when I show up at an appointment early or right on the dot, and end up sitting around waiting for someone who decided she’s going to take her own sweet time. And we end up wasting 30 mins because she has to finish her lunch first and then go shower.

You ARE aware that we have an appointment at this time, yes? 

If I can make that effort to get ready and leave the house on time, so that I can be punctual for our appointment…. SO CAN YOU. There are no excuses, really.



There you go. My current top 5 pet peeves. (Oh I could definitely come up with more, but I am not going to spend all day on one blog entry too lazy.)

So, what are your pet peeves?


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