It really pisses me off when clients think they can book us for a certain number of pax (3- 4), and then reduce to only ONE, a day or two before the wedding.

Do they not realize that we had to turn away other jobs???

Imagine if you went for an interview, was told you’d be paid your expected salary, and then after you accept the job offer (and turned down others), they reduce your pay to 1/4 of what was agreed.

Wouldnt you be pissed?


I have also encountered sneaky people who tried to book me for a Saturday (and Saturdays are very precious to us!), for a wedding (as a bride) and one Personal Hair & Makeup for her friend. I did not collect deposit, out of goodwill. (Which was obviously a huge mistake.)

A few months later, the bride actually went ahead and booked another MUA, without informing me, and then later tell me that I will only be doing ONE Personal Hair & Makeup for her friend.

I told her that I wont be accepting this job anymore. I was really angry because I had turned down a few other jobs because of this one.

I am appalled by this attitude & lack of respect towards MUAs, its like we’re supposed to accept ANY job? Excuse me, we are not stray dogs who will happily accept scraps. We also reserve the right to reject business, if we feel that it is unfair to us.

I have also encountered brides who tried to book Personal Hair & Makeup, for their wedding day or ROM. This is simply unacceptable. There are many reasons why Bridal Hair & Makeup cost more, and if you need me to explain them to you, you’re not someone I wanna do business with.

Bridal Hair & Makeup takes 2 hours on average. Personal Hair and Makeup takes 1 hour on average. Do the Math. For wedding AD, sometimes we start as early as 4am. Also, the term “Bridezilla” wasnt coined for no reason. Brides are usually (and understandably) very fussy, which makes my job a bit (okay a lot more) stressful.

Also, I cannot understand the people who come to me and claim that they only want “very light” or “very simple” makeup. If its “very simple”, why cant you do it yourself, then? You’re not paying for the makeup I use on your face, you’re paying for my time. I dont know why so many people dont seem to get it.


This is why I am now revamping my rates, terms & conditions, to make sure that I protect myself from such incidents. Its just sad that most people do not seem to respect my profession and think they can book MY time, and then cancel at the last minute, without sparing any consideration for MY loss of income.



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