Counting down….

Its 2.19am on Monday and I am still awake, and blogging.


Its no wonder why even the best concealers cant conceal my horrendous dark eye circles. O_O

Ive started the process of packing and I’ll need to finish packing everything by Monday night because I am moving on Tuesday noon. I have been feeling rather down of late, and I think its a combination of stress, anxiety and a general sense of helplessness. I have a lot to do, but most of the things I need to do them myself.

Its all a huge pain in the butt and I cant wait for October to be over, and for all this house business to be over & done with.

The LED light at the entranceway hasn’t been working for months and Id need to sort it out. Will need to make a trip to the lighting store tomorrow, and try to get someone to come fix the damn light for me. Air-cons need to be serviced. Curtains need to be taken down (an arduous task on its own, due to the height and weight of the damn things) and brought to the dry cleaners. I need to buy paint & get somebody to help me paint some of the walls to cover up some stains. (Im thinking I could pay one of the cleaners or maintenance workers in the building…)

AND THEN clean up the entire place and leave it in sparkling clean tip-top condition.



I feel sad because I tend to get emotionally attached to places Ive lived in. Its scary how quickly time flies. I am really looking forward to moving in to my new place. Frankly, I am really sick of the food here.

May this be the start of many good things to come.

*fingers crossed*



    1. It IS very tiring…. But even if I hire a cleaner, I still have to do most of the packing & unpacking myself, which is the most tiring part. And I dont really like having strangers touching my stuff, so… What to do? Do everything myself lor. :(

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