Day 5..

Ive finally unpacked everything and settled in to my new place. The past week has been SUPER EXHAUSTING. Packing, moving, unpacking, reorganizing, washing, wiping. My hands are so dry from all the non-stop hand washing and my legs are covered in bruises and cuts. :(

Probably wasnt a great idea to try to shift a queen size bed + mattress on my own… T_T

After I moved in, I realized that there were a few issues with the new house:


1. My apartment is on the second floor, and my living room window looks out to a mini outdoor garden. And this poses a few problems/ issues on its own….

a. There are mossies/ insects which fly in and I am now covered in mossie/ insect bites. I think at least 10? Mostly on my legs.

b. I cannot leave the window open to ventilate the house, and MUST shut all windows whenever I leave the house because people can literally CLIMB into my house through the open window, from the garden. And because Cookie’s cage/ pee tray is in the living room, and I cant leave the windows open to ventilate the space, the whole house smells of dog pee. :( I can only open the windows and turn the ceiling fan on FULL BLAST when I get home to try to air the house and get rid of the smell.

2. The bathroom is poorly designed. The shower stall is really tiny (and eh I am a tiny person!), and water leaks out of the shower stall & all over my bathroom floor, after every shower. The floor mat is always wet, and I have to keep switching it. (Stepping on a WET, not damp mind you, bath mat is quite gross.)

3. The tap is veryyy small & tooooo near to the sink itself, which makes it difficult for me to wash anything. Whoever designed this tap, you obviously never washed your face or brushed your teeth. Stupid designs really annoy me.

4. The 3M bathroom shelves Ive set up, keep falling off. (After I paste the shelves on, I leave them empty for a few hours, before putting anything in them! Supposed to let the adhesive set for 1 hour.) I suspect its because they dont stick very well to the tiled surface cos its too “slippery” and the adhesive cant “grip”. But there are no built-in shelves for me to store all my toiletries & skincare products. And I have A LOT…… How?

*drums fingers on table*


On the plus side, there are lots of nice eateries in this area and at my previous place, after 11pm there is NO FOOD around the area, and somehow McD doesnt deliver to my condo. (WTH?) So if I got hungry or peckish after 12mn, I had to whip up something myself. Now I have lots of late-night/ 24 hour dining places around me! So I am really happy about that! :)

Will update with photos soon!



    1. Hmmm I am thinking of getting those window screens w magnetic strips that can be attached to the windows. (XX featured in her blog sometime ago.)

      I am considering installing grills but thats up to the owners, and most likely also would need approval from the condo mgmt since it will alter the look of the building. So far I have not seen any other units installing grills.

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