Strange people.

One thing I can never understand is why girls who chose to be in the public eye and be so-called “bloggers” complain about people being “KPO” or

If you CHOOSE to broadcast & share your life with the public eye, and you enjoy all the attention, then you cant blame people for being curious or being “KPO”. Its like girls who choose to wear skimpy clothing and then get pissed when people stare or ogle.

Erm. Okayyyyy.

If you want to be private, then stay private. Lock up everything. My IG is locked up and I can choose whether to approve certain people or not. Dont publicize your life, and then keep complaining about everything which comes with that pseudo “fame”.

*rolls eyes*

Also, constantly bitching about others being jealous of you, or trying to copy you all the time… That just comes across as bitchy and conceited. Yes, everyone is trying to copy you, because you’re just THAT awesome. You can like things that others like and buy, but others cannot like or buy what you like??

Give me a damn break.

Deleted and blocked.


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