Why so mean?

Lately I cant help but notice there are TONS of petty cat fights in IG.

It seems like there are only two kinds of girls. Those who go around flattering people who’re famous/ popular/ possibly rich/ possibly very useful one way or another. Then the other kind who goes around attacking and hating on others.

So I am either gagging at the (obviously fake) overly sweet & exaggerated compliments, or being very amused at all the hateful and mean remarks aimed to personally attack somebody’s looks or body.

Wanna guess which is the behavior showing true colors? :)

Just earlier today, I saw a mean remark at one of Cheesie’s (very beautiful and stylish) IG photo: “Ugly clothes on sticks.”

Posted by this very unattractive & uh not-very-pleasantly plump old woman who is already a grandmother, no less. I was rolling my eyes. Even the old ones can be so immature!!

Why do so many women like to do this? If you dont like something, you cant just shut up? Are you getting paid to express your opinions? Just because you think it doesnt look nice, doesnt mean others cant like it. What is the objective of posting a rude & mean remark on somebody’s photo?

Who died and made YOU Joan Rivers?

If you dislike somebody, DONT FOLLOW their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or blog. So simple! Why look and then hate on everything you see? I DONT follow anyone I dislike. Period.

Ive never in my life posted a comment (anonymously or otherwise) to diss somebody’s looks or appearance. I can only imagine how deeply unhappy and insecure, not to mention exceedingly shallow, one has to be, to behave in that manner. Its really quite sad. Especially when these girls are usually quite pretty. Too bad that looks cant make up for ugly personality!

Think about it.

A genuinely happy and secure person who is happy with herself (most of the time), someone who has a healthy self-esteem, would be too busy enjoying life to post rude ugly remarks on social media platforms, with the sole intention of attacking other people’s appearance.

Ive been literally criticized from head to toe, by different people over the years- and they’re ALL women. (I was told my toes are “too long”. Dont know whether to laugh or cry.)

Ive yet to receive any rude or mean remark about my looks/ body from a man. I think that perhaps some people get a kick out of making others miserable. The best thing you can do for yourself is NOT to give them that satisfaction.


Girls got nothing better to do than hate on each other for no real reason… I just dont get it.

Why not put all that effort and energy into something more constructive? How about starting a company or building a career out of something you enjoy doing? Or even something really small like clean your room or reorganize your closet? Typing nasty rude remarks to diss others all day, while your bedroom (and life) is a big mess…..??

Bitching about somebody’s face, body or clothes does not make you a better person, in any way. It makes you a bitch. And no amount of makeup, Photoshop or Instagram filters  in the world can change that.

Bitching all day does not generate income, nor good karma for that matter. Just sayin’. ;)


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