Beyond Shitty

Whatever you do, please do not purchase any packages from Beyond B**uty.

You WILL regret it.

I signed a facial package with them about two months back- 10 sessions for $688. The first session was pretty alright, I felt the extraction was thorough enough to my liking, and not too painful so I took up the package. I requested for the same therapist for my future facial sessions and I was told its not a problem.

Subsequently, when I went for my facial, I was told that the original therapist who did my first facial had been “transferred” to another outlet. I couldn’t resist rolling my eyes. How convenient for your therapist to be “transferred” to another outlet, right after I had signed a package!!

The other therapists who did the facial for me…. were just plain unskilful. I seriously doubt that they have ever been properly trained.

The last time I went for my facial, I had this PRC lady do my facial and she was by far the WORST. She did not steam my face prior to the facial, claiming that it was “not necessary” (erm actually IT IS), then proceeded to do the extraction with a metal extractor (which I prayed had been cleaned & sterilized). I requested she used her fingers instead. She had such long nails and exerted so much direct force (with her fucking NAILS!), so much so I could feel her nails digging into my skin even with tissue wrapped around her fingers, that I told her to stop and just use the extractor instead.

Look. I dont expect a painless facial. In fact I am OKAY with pain. What I am NOT okay with, is that even after spending nearly TWO HOURS in a facial salon, paying the money, and going through the PAIN, I still leave with a face full of clogged pores which havent been cleared properly and I dont feel ANY DIFFERENCE, facial or no facial. My pores are still as clogged as before.

I dont understand what the two hours was spent doing. It was like me lying there while somebody went through the motions.

No pain, no gain. I get it. But time + money + pain= No results?? No thanks.

Thats it. I am going back to AsterSpring.

They’re definitely pricier but at least I leave with a very clean and smooth face EVERY TIME. I am a woman with a mission- When I go for a facial, I need my pores cleared, I want the comedones extracted. Its that simple. Im not asking for the moon. I had enough dealing with shitty facial salons, who are full of “therapists” who dont know what the fuck they’re doing and even blatantly try to cut corners (pre-extraction steaming and post-extraction UV thingy) , thinking I dont know any better.

Its “not necessary”? You might as well be honest and tell me you’re simply too lazy to walk out to get the machine into the room and then have to push it out later.

Ive tried B*oSkin and M*dern Beauty too, not sure which is the worst one but they’re ALL BAD.  They get you to pay for packages and top up for random shit every time, and yet provide really shit services with usually poor customer service, and corners are cut in every way. The biggest mystery is HOW they even manage to not just survive but open so many fucking outlets.

The ONLY other salon besides AsterSpring which is really good is Su Beau. They’re very similar to AsterSpring, also rather pricey but their therapists are definitely trained and they also use Dermalogical products. BUT the extraction will very likely make you cry, its that painful. That was what happened to me the last time and thats why I never bought a new package. That therapist was pressing so hard on my face, her hands were shaking. I dont know what she was trying to do to my skin, like my face had murdered her entire family or something!

Sometimes, you just really get what you pay for. Ive paid $600 and $688 respecttively for packages (of 10 sessions) at M*dern and Beyond Shitty. Only used a few times for each. What a complete utter waste of money.

I am a VERY pissed off woman.


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