Month: May 2014

Protected: So much fuckery.

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So simple.

If any of my Facebook posts makes you upset for whatever reasons, you have TWO choices:


1. Keep quiet and keep your opinions to yourself.

2. Post a recycled print-screened meme on Instagram as a snide response to my happy posts.


If you decide on number 2, heres whats going to happen:

I will post something to inform you that you can always unfollow me.

If this upsets you, then its just too fucking bad.

I dont need anybody’s fucking approval to share whatever makes me happy- food, my dog, makeup, movies, etc. Its MY Facebook. As long as I am not posting hateful, racist or mean stuff, I dont see why ANYONE would have a problem with it.

Most of my Facebook posts are filtered and I enjoy sharing happy things with friends whom I consider my inner circle. I cannot fathom why any of my friends in my inner circle would ever get upset over anything I post, especially if they’re all happy things.

If you think you can judge me simply based on how much I share on Facebook, you’re the judgmental and close-minded one.

Since this friend of mine seemed to be negatively affected by what I choose to share on MY Facebook, I put her on the restricted list where she cannot see ANYTHING on my Facebook. Win win situation. I wont have to worry about her being unhappy and she wont see anything which makes her feel uncomfortable.

Today I found out that she unfriended me on Facebook and also removed / blocked me from her Instagram, so I can no longer view any of her photos.

She chose to do this on my birthday.


I cant keep shrugging off sarcastic and snarky remarks, especially if they come from people who are supposed to be my friends. At some point I need to be honest with myself and acknowledge that she’s behaving in a hurtful manner and to let her know that she’s being rude.

I dont need a “friend” like this. Good riddance.