I came across this online and it really made me think.

I admire the maturity and sensibility of the lady who posted it.


“I dont need feminism because:

I am an adult who is capable of taking responsibility for myself and my actions.

I define myself and derive my value by my own standards. I dont need to be “empowered”.

I am NOT a target for violence and there is NO war against me.

I respect men. I refuse to demonize them and blame them for my problems.”


Ive fallen down that rabbit hole. You know the one you fall into after a few failed relationships and you turn into a bitter & angry man-hating bitch?

Yep, that rabbit hole.

Nobody forced me under gun point to remain in those relationships. I chose to be with those people who were not good to me and I chose to stay for X number of years. I was young, naive and foolish. I made my own choices, so I need to take responsibility for my own naivety and foolishness.



And this whole “feminism” thing….. Sigh. As a woman, sometimes I get so exasperated about this issue.

Have a ladies only club/ credit card/ train/ whatever and nobody bats an eyelid, but declare something as gentlemen only, its suddenly MISOGYNY.

(That weird noise you hear, is all the men sucking teeth.)

I think a lot of ladies have a warped idea of what “feminism” is. Ive heard stories where women actually get enraged or pissed off when men open doors for them. These women are apparently “offended” by how men assume that women are “weak” and “useless”.

Men open the doors for us NOT BECAUSE we cant open the doors ourselves. (Duh.) They know we can, but they still do it anyways. This is what makes a man a gentleman.

I truly feel bad for men because they’re screwed regardless of what they do/ dont do!! Lol.

If a man goes out of his way to behave like a gentleman, the very least we can do, is to appreciate it. 

There are women who claim to be “feminists” and demand for equal rights, equal pay, equal EVERYTHING….BUT YET expect special treatment from men.

C’mon. Thats just bloody ridiculous.



Feminism shouldnt be about putting women on a pedestal, or valuing the rights of women more than the rights of men. Its not about entitlement, special rights, or being self-serving. Its about recognizing that men and women have different roles to play in society, and the importance of mutual respect. If I want to be respected as a woman, surely I also have to respect men.

Takes two to tango. Of course you can tango all by yourself, but you’ll just look very silly.

Who needs “feminism”? Not me. Quite frankly… I am very happy to live in a world run by men.



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