Dumb as a fox.

The most important skill a woman needs to learn in her life, is to be dumb as a fox.

If you’re born dumb, perfect. Its a blessing to be born a stupid woman. Ignorance truly is bliss. The less you know, the happier you will be. You wont even realize when your man is lying to your face.

If you’re born not-so-dumb however, you will tend to suffer because the lies and deceit of men will hurt you. You will probably spend many sleepless nights wide awake thinking about too many things and your heart will grow weary from caring too much about people who least deserve it.

I envy the women who seem to not give a damn. Maybe they have achieved that zen state where nothing can faze or upset them. Maybe one day I will become one of these women who no longer give a fucking damn.

Not sure if I am truly enlightened or sadly disillusioned, or perhaps even a combination of both.


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