Goodbye and f*** you.

I just unfriended an ex bf of mine on FB.

We dated a long time ago- 2005-2007. I dumped him when I discovered he was flirting heavily on a forum with some chick he has never even met. (Actually it was my brother who had noticed him being active on this forum and gave me a heads up.)

Confronted him with all the messages between the two of them, handwritten on paper because I did not have a printer. It was pages long.

As if it wasnt bad enough having to read all the mushy and cheesy shite exchanged between them, I had to WRITE down every fucking word.

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

(Pass the vomit bucket!)

When I confronted him, he was silent throughout and never even apologized for his actions. (You call yourself a man?)

Actually I cant say I never saw that coming. He was never committed to me, and could not even change his fucking Friendster status. It was “Its Complicated”, for two years. Whats so complicated? If you’re seeing me on a regular basis exclusively, then we are in a relationship, whether you want to acknowledge it or not?

The day we broke up, he changed it to “Single”. How efficient.

I should have dumped him way before this, when he had a slip of tongue while we were talking about random rubbish while he was driving. He wondered out loud how he would deal if his “future girlfriend” wasnt as well-groomed as me. Dude was already thinking of his NEXT girlfriend and her grooming habits, while I was still in his car!

Few months ago, I bumped into him and his father. They live in the same neighborhood. I decided to be friendly & gracious, and tried to make some small talk out of courtesy. He, on the other hand, couldnt get away from me fast enough.

This is the same guy I splurged on overseas phone calls to Brisbane for a whole year, because he was there doing his training. I went through those phone cards like nobody’s business, even though I wasnt making a lot of money. All because I wanted to talk to him on the phone every night, without fail. It meant everything to me, to be able to hear his voice, to know he is okay.

Yet fast forward a decade later, the guy does not even want to waste one minute talking to me. It is extremely sobering.

And having him on Facebook means I have to see him tagging his girlfriend in every thing he posts, calling her “Princess”. This girl is apparently good enough for him to acknowledge their relationship.

Some people are cunts, and its wise to simply cut them out and move on.


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