Is it just me or are people these days getting REALLY rude?

Went to catch a show at Gold Class earlier and had an unpleasant incident while collecting our tickets at the counter. When we went inside Gold Class, there was nobody at the ticketing/ cashier counter, so we waited there for about 10 seconds and when the staff spotted us, she came to scan the code on my phone and issued us our tickets. It took probably like 20 seconds max. It was very quick.

What we didnt know was that there was this middle-aged woman (probably in her 40s) with her daughter who was standing about 1-2 metres away from the counter, and the woman accused us of being rude and cutting her queue.

(I didnt even notice them previously, they were just kinda in the background. If I had any inkling that they might be queuing, I would have asked them if they’re queuing.)

As we were walking away from the cashier counter toward the cinema, she started complaining out loud about us to the staff and claimed that we have “NO MANNERS”. She intentionally spoke very loudly so we could hear her bitchy complaints.

I have to say it took A LOT of self control not to give her a good piece of my mind.

1) If you’re not standing at the cashier counter, how the fuck am I supposed to know you’re queuing to get your tickets?

2) It only took MAX 20 seconds for the staff to scan the code on my phone and issue us our tickets. So you got your tickets after us. Did you die? No? Then STFU.

3) If you have something to say, you can jolly well say it to my face? Why whine and bitch behind our backs? We are not deaf.

And yet, she had the cheek to accuse us of having “no manners”. Lol.

I cant help but feel bad for her poor husband. (If he is still around, that is.) Can you imagine what the poor man has to go through in his everyday life, having to deal with a woman like this EVERYDAY? No wonder men have a shorter lifespan on average!!

Some people really need a high five.

In the face.

With a chair.


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