Exams, moving, etc.

Im really getting old. After the super busy weekend, I was so tired I slept pretty much the whole of today.

I am moving in a couple of weeks, and while I am really excited about the new place and looking forward to moving, I am feeling a little overwhelmed from everything that is going on at the moment.

I have exams this weekend. Submitted my assignments in time last week, but I had an unpleasant incident with one of my lecturers in class which ended up with me leaving the classroom in tears. I wont elaborate further because I dont like to dwell on negative unhappy events but lets just say that some lecturers are not meant to be educators.

Some days I am so angry at myself, that I chose the wrong path and did not choose to go to JC after secondary school. So bloody stupid. Cant tell you how many times I wished and wished that I can turn back the clock. I dont know how much better the local universities are, but my school is not exactly very helpful when it comes to student welfare. Basically, if you encounter any problems with your studies, you are ON YOUR OWN.

I absolutely HATE the business modules this semester and I am so glad I have no more business modules.

I have to collect the keys for the new house this Friday, as my Fengshui Master is viewing the place the following Monday. (Yes, I strongly believe in Fengshui, deal with it.)

I will need to make a trip to Ikea this week and buy a wardrobe among a few other things, because I dont have one and the new place does not have a built-in wardrobe. It has a space which is supposedly a “walk in wardrobe”, but I will use that as a storage room instead. It is definitely too small as a wardrobe!

I managed to go out for a pedicure today because my feet were so dry and gross.

I am attending a talk tomorrow, have a business meeting on Wednesday, I have to work on Thursday, anddddd collecting keys on Friday. Urg. Have not studied for exams yet.

I have not started packing yet, and can only start when my mover sends me the empty cartons next Monday. So much to do, so little time, and only one of me. Halp.


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