Month: April 2016


This video of a woman beating the crap out of a man who molested her in the lift has gone viral.

Some of the comments on Facebook and 9gag really pissed me off.

There was one guy who commented that the woman “did not say no”, hence “there was no reason for the guy to back off” since he “couldnt have known she didnt want him to touch her”.

The video has no audio, it is a CCTV footage. How are some people this dumb?

You mean to say you NEED to hear a woman say “NO” to your fuck face, before you know you ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO TOUCH HER? What are you, an animal? Were you raised by baboons?

Other comments from some men were along the lines of:

“He merely put his arm around her and she totally over reacted.. Dont you think its overkill?”

“Oh imagine if the situation was reversed and a woman went to put her arm around a man, and he beat the shit out of her… Things would be very different… Blah blah…”

Good point, smarty pants.

But here’s the thing:


Women dont lurk around strange men they dont know trying to sniff their hair, waiting for an opportunity to grab his chest, his balls or squeeze a butt cheek.

I got touched inappropriately on the MRT and bus on multiple occasions, by men who are so fucking sneaky. They either casually rub their crotch against my shoulder while they’re standing next to me while Im seated on the bus, they pretend to dig for stuff in their pants pockets and rub their elbows against my boob, or they grind their half erections against my butt in a crowded train.

(Really, buddy? Even my DOG knows how to behave and never humps my leg.)

I couldnt be 100% certain that they were doing something weird, so I just kept quiet.

OR the entire bus is practically empty but this guy somehow chooses to sit right next to me, and uncomfortably close. Like he’s my boyfriend and his body is against mine kind of close. I had to get up immediately and change seats.

Like that also shiok meh??

Some of the blatant ones will STARE at your chest with bulging eyes and go “WOW” as you walk by. I even encountered one uncle on the bus who stared at me and SEDUCTIVELY LICKED HIS LIPS.

What can women do to men like that? Nothing.

I am very sure this also happens to many other women who are also afraid to speak up, because the men may very well go, “Wah lau who the fuck wanna molest you? You think you very chio / sexy / hot meh?”

I am certain this is the kind of defensive stance these assholes will take, if they get called out.

Why do you think there are train cabins specially for women in Japan?

Men can wolf-whistle, make sucking noises at women as they walk by, making the women extremely uncomfortable, and there is absolutely nothing we can do except ignore and treat it as white noise.

Ive even had a stranger follow me all the way from Orchard close to where I live, before he finally approached me and asked if he could “be friends”. Oh yassss! Ive always wanted to make friends with A FUCKING CREEPY STALKER.

Men do all kinds of weird creepy ass shite like send photos of their penises to women they dont or barely know.

“Here’s my penis. Look at my beautiful amazing GIANT penis! Doesnt this make you horny and want to have sex with me right now???”

Er no.

Do you think women send photos of their vaginas to men? 

And they call us crazy. *rolls eyes*


Anyway, I digress.

From the video clip, its obvious what this perv was trying to do. He kept trying to get close to her and she moved away. A respectful decent person would have then kept his distance, but this guy decided to push his luck even further and put his arm around her.

How often do you think men get molested and raped by women?

How often do you think women get molested and raped by men?


Dont even try to flip this situation around and bullshit about EQUALITY.

There is no such thing as equality between men and women- not when women are on average 50-60% the size of men. A man can easily overpower a woman & have his way with her, but women can only try to defend themselves. It is very simple. If you cannot behave like a decent man, then you deserve to be beaten up.

When a woman is placed in a compromising or dangerous situation where she could be raped/ murdered by a strange male, there is absolutely no room for benefit of the doubt. Sorry.

The woman in the lift did the right thing. Hit first, and hit HARD.

Touching somebody in any way without consent, is battery. Contrary to popular belief, battery doesn’t always have to be violent like a slap or a punch.

Get this: ANY kind of unwanted touching, IS BATTERY.

A woman who is assaulted/ battered by a man, has NO REASON whatsoever to be kind or considerate to his feelings.

The next time somebody on the train or bus tries to rub his dick against ANY part of my body, he will be very very sorry. No more playing nice.




Lunch @ The Coffee Academics

I hardly blog anymore. (Does anyone still blog anymore??) The only times when I am inspired to blog is when I am angry or sad. I dont like to document unpleasant stuff, I’ll end up reliving it later, over and over..!!

(Also, when all you blog about is angry or angsty stuff, people get the impression that you’re a horrible angry/ angsty person, when 95% of the time, you’re actually happy & cheerful!)

Hence.. the lack of blog posts in the past year. 

Blogging is a nice way to remember happy events and occasions, so I guess I will try to blog more often.

Between work and school, let’s see how I manage to pull that off. 


 Had a lovely lunch + catch up session with my dear friend J last week, at one of my new favorite haunts, The Coffee Academics at Scotts Square.

She was friends with my ex boyfriend and we knew each other > 10 years ago. She used to visit my nail salon at Far East Plaza to do her nails. 

Its so damn long ago, it feels like a different life time. Lol. (I was only 23 years old then. Shite.)

I must say, it is nice to talk to someone who can empathize with your situation and feelings, because she has also been there.


Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


Good natural light is paramount to good pictures! 

I like to think that we both look the same.. Or in fact BETTER than a decade ago. :D


My brunch came in the form of scrambled eggs with crayfish and caviar on toast. Interesting! Although I’m not sure if I would order it again..

I really like the chicken pot pie and fish tacos though! 




New term at school is starting next week. 

There are 8 modules in total and I’m doing 3 modules this year. Went for the induction session last Wednesday. I am half excited and half terrified.

Was really amused when I collected my textbooks, and saw this:


That’s Fish & Chips on the cover. In a styrofoam takeaway container, no less. 

Couldn’t they find a nicer picture to put on a law textbook!?