Month: May 2016



A dog’s love

My dog loves food.

He LOVES food like no tomorrow. Whenever I bring out the treats or chicken wet food, he salivates & hyperventilates with excitement.

A few years ago I organized a BBQ at my old place. Invited some of my friends. I had to go upstairs to take something so I left my dog there.

When I returned, I was told that my dog kept whining & looking at the direction which I walked away. The poor boy couldn’t be consoled. My friends tried to give him some food to placate him.

He refused to eat anything.

Until I came back and he was happy to see me, he ate.

Dogs can’t talk. But they show their undying loyalty through their actions.

Let me tell you something. It hasn’t been easy being his mom. I can no longer rent single bedrooms because of him. No landlord will allow dogs. Believe me I’ve tried. Many times.

No housemate will be okay with a whining dog at 4am on Saturdays when I leave the house for work.

Instead of renting a single bedroom which may cost only $800-$1000, I am paying $2600 upwards / month for a whole apartment.

And yes, it’s because of my dog. 

I come home most days to find pee (and sometimes poop) on the floor. I have to clean up before I do anything else regardless of how tired I may be.

But I can’t blame him because he is old and I suspect he has some incontinence. He is also probably blind in one eye.

I’ll be honest and say my life will be easier and I will save a lot of money, if I just give him away.

But I just can’t do it. 

This dog loves me so much, he refuses to eat or drink anything when he can’t see me. I know how much he loves food. But he will not take a nibble of whatever you offer him, if I am not there. Even if it’s his favorite chicken, egg or treats.
I always refill his food and water bowls before I go out, and they’re always full when I come back. He doesn’t eat or drink when I’m not around, because he is so afraid I won’t come back.

I will never be able to turn my back away from him and walk away.

If anyone wants to take him away from me, they will have to pry him away from my cold dead hands.

People who don’t share this love for dogs will never understand. “Aiya it’s just a dog.”

I swear I will take care of this boy until the day I no longer have to. I don’t care what it takes.

It is so much easier to love a dog.

Men talk a lot, but when he’s not with you, he’s exploring opportunities with other women. Lol.

Been there, done that.. Never again.